The best environment for your child to blossom to their fullest potential

“When a flower doesn’t blossom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

– Alexander Den Heijer

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Why is forced feeding harmful to your child?

Forced feeding, or the practice of coercing or pressuring children to eat, can have harmful effects on their physical and emotional well-being. Forced feeding can be considered a boundary violation because it involves an adult crossing the boundaries of a child’s autonomy and bodily integrity.

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Here's what we offer your child

An emotionally-safe space

A safe, respectful, development-focussed environment with clear boundaries in which children can focus on growth and learning without the fear of authority, shaming, judgement, competition and bullying.

Sensitive teachers

Such a safe space is held by teachers who are sensitive to children's needs and emotions and proactively attend to the needs and differences of individuals and the group.

Respectful relationships

Children build and nurture trust-based, respectful relationships among their peers and the teachers. It is based on such respectful interactions that they build beliefs about how they deserve to be treated that they carry throughout their adult life.

Intrinsic motivation

No sticks & carrots. We trust children’s intrinsic motivation to learn and grow. We do not attempt to motivate them externally by thrusting unnatural and unrelated consequences or rewards. Children are highly intuitive beings, learn best when trusted, and when they feel safe and happy.

“One test of the correctness of an educational procedure is the happiness of the child.”

Maria Montessori

Authentic Montessori curriculum

We sacredly follow the time-tested, scientifically studied and peer-reviewed Montessori pedagogy that encompasses a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach to children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Unwavering focus on academic learning

Rigorously trained teachers, all holding International Montessori diplomas from AMI, follow up on individual work plans that children write themselves daily, and keep them challenged with higher lessons ensuring intellectual satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that motivates them every day.

Strong foundation

The holistic development approach and the integrated curriculum ensures children have a strong foundation which they build upon in later years.

Blossom to full potential

Identifying and meeting the developmental needs of your child at the right time ensures they blossom out to their fullest potential without any limitations, leading to a fulfilled life completely directed by their own inner compass.

Art, Music & Creativity

Knowing the power of expressive arts in helping children express their deepest emotions, our expressive art sessions are healing for children and builds their confidence.

Development-focussed indoor & outdoor play

Carefully considered indoor board and strategy games engages your child's brain in ways no lesson can. Our outdoor play, grounded in joy, risk, engagement and reflection returns the right to play, back to children.

Hygienic, sanitised,
child-friendly rest rooms

Well-ventilated, A/C environments

segregated spaces


Not just an alternative education

Our highly integrated approach of the Montessori Curriculum, Child Psychology and Parent Empowerment puts your child’s development, psychological health and well-being above everything else and ensures your child realises their full potential, leading a fulfilled life completely directed by their own inner compass.

Our core guiding beliefs


“Each child is a unique spirit throbbing with their own signature. They have their own destiny to live out and are very much in touch with who they are and what they want to be in the world. As parents, our only role is to help them actualize their spiritual purpose, without corrupting it.”


“Instead of moulding children to fit our ideas of raising the perfect child, we should tailor our raising of them to their needs.”


“An educational system working for children towards building an open, free and loving society will be based on trust, respect and freedom. No fear, no authority, no coercion, no shaming, no comparison, no competition, no grading.”

Have Questions?

We have compiled answers to questions parents ask us often. Before you read on, just know that we’re with you every step of the way.

Am I putting my child's future at risk by enrolling them in an alternative education system?

Definitely not. Our holistic educational approach addresses all developmental needs of children and not just the academics. You are giving them an environment that respects them and puts their development, psychological health and well-being above everything else.

Will my child be able to attend a mainstream school later?

Yes. Although not ideal, if you decide to transition your child into a mainstream school, she will thrive socially and academically. Poised, self-reliant, and used to working harmoniously as part of a classroom community, students who move from Montessori adjust quickly to the ways of their new school.

How is your Montessori environment better than a mainstream school?

Please see this video of Seetha speaking about how the Montessori system...

Will my child be able to compete with students of other boards like CBSE, ICSE etc.?

Yes. A growing body of research comparing Montessori students to those in traditional schools suggests that in academic subjects, Montessori students perform as well as or better—academically and socially—than their non-Montessori peers. These benefits grow as children have more experience in a Montessori environment.

What ages do you serve?

Our Montessori programs serve children of 5 age groups -
• Birth to 1 year - At-home Infant Program (Coming soon)
• 1 to 2½ years - Toddler Program
• 2½ to 6 years - Casa Program
• 6 to 12 years - Elementary Program
• 12 to 18 years - Adolescent Program (Coming soon)

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