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Job opening: AMI-certified Primary Guide with 6+ years of experience.

Experience needed: 6+ years
Working hours: 8:30 am to 4 pm; Monday to Friday.
Job Type: Full-time
Certification: AMI 3–6 Diploma Certification. We do not accept AMS or IMTC certificates.


  1. Plan, execute and track children’s lessons and work plans.
  2. Periodically review children’s progress and shift focus if required.
  3. Be open to building a trust-based relationship with each child under your care.
  4. Be emotionally sensitive to children and work with other team members to serve children’s emotional needs.

Please read about Our core guiding beliefs ↗ and apply only if your beliefs about children and education are aligned with us. Without this alignment, we would not be able to do justice for children under our care and guidance.

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